What We Do

210Denture is the dental office that limits it practice to Extractions, Dentures and Partials. It is by focusing on these few procedures, having a full denture lab on site and making a whole lot of dentures that we are able to provide Full Quality Dentures at affordable prices,

Most of our new patients come to us with a lot of dental problems that have been there for a long time. Their teeth are just too bad to keep them the way they are and too expensive or impossible to correct with restorative dentistry. Most of the time they still have some teeth that should be saved and so we remove the bad ones, leave the good ones and make partial dentures. Some need all their teeth removed and full dentures. Some are patients that have a general dentist that does not do extractions and need a tooth or wisdom teeth removed. Of course we also repair, reline or replace existing dentures and partials for patients that are no longer working as they did when they were new.

Why is it “For Less”?

Everyday we see patients who could not afford proper dental treatment at the right time and now everything is a big mess that impossible or too expensive to correct with general dentistry. Money is often the problem, we are the affordable solution to that problem. Even if you can afford the best dental case, why pay more for an extraction or denture when there is another quality cost effective option available?

The “For Less”, in our name refers to the price, not the quality. Our dentures are created using the proper steps and techniques that are currently taught in dental schools. We use quality materials all the way through, not discount impression material or “off-brand” denture teeth. We provide the adjustments and after-care that is so important to successful denture treatment.

By focusing on these few procedures, having an on-site denture lab and by making a lot of dentures we really can give you Full Quality Care for Less Money.