Meet the Doctor

Dr John A Junghans is the only dentist and owner of 210DENTURE. In the office we all call him “Dr J” since the last name is German and a little hard to pronounce. Dr J is a General dentist educated Texas A&M and graduated Baylor College of Dentistry in 1989. He completed a post-doctoral one-year general dentistry residency with the US Army, then spent the next 4 years as an Army Dentist in Germany. After Military service he provided general dentistry services in San Antonio at his solo general dentistry practice called “The Tooth Doctor”. In 2006 he sold his general dentistry practice and since has focused all his efforts on 210DENTURE. We are proud of this office and believe it is the best place in San Antonio to have Extractions and Full or Partial Denture Services and save money doing it.

Promise of Satisfaction

We work hard to try to provide you with a good looking denture that functions well and lasts well. If you have a problem with the dentures we made simply return and tell us what you think and let us try to correct it, most dentures need adjustments, occasionally, they need to be remade differently. If you are not satisfied with the dentures and you have given us a chance to correct the issues, it is our policy that you can return the denture and receive a refund of 80% of the cost of the denture. You have 60 days to decide.

Promise of Price

We are committed to providing the best prices on dentures. You might see some ads that make it look like other places offer better prices but it you look into those offers, get a consultations with the dentist and then compare our prices for similar services I am confident that you will find that we have the best prices in town. We encourage you to get other consultations, compare and choose for yourself. We always offer free consultations, we don’t even charge for the X-rays.

Promise of Honesty

Our consultations are not high pressure sales pitches, we just explain all your options. We explain the process and the prices in writing and don’t slip in hidden fees. Whenever there are better options than pulling your tooth, or teeth, we let you know about those options even if they are treatments we don’t provide. We absolutely do not recommend removing teeth that don’t have to be removed and pretend that dentures are better than real teeth. We give honest opinions of your present condition and try very hard to be clear about what to expect from the treatments we are offering.