Full Dentures

We offer a range of full dentures

Service Cost
Prefabricated Dentures $350 ea / $700 set
Immediate Full Denture $400 ea / $800 set
Economy "Classic" Dentures $450 ea / $800 set
Full Quality "Portrait" Dentures $600 ea / $1100 set
Metal reinforced "Portrait" Dentures $700 ea / $1300 set

Partial Dentures

If you have some good teeth and some missing teeth, you may need a partial denture

Service Cost
Metal-based Partial Denture $400-$700
Flexible Partial Denture $250-$450
Acrylic Partial Denture $150-$450
Flipper: 1-2 Tooth Partial $125-$150

Denture Refit or Repair

Most refit or repairs are done the same day

Service Cost
Repairs $75-$150
Relines, Acrylic or Soft $95-$175


Prices include X-Rays and office visit

Service Cost
Simple extraction $75
Normal Extraction $95
Surgical or Difficult Extraction $125
Wisdom teeth $125-$200
2-5 teeth same visit 25-50% less
More than 10 teeth same visit $30-$50 each
Nitrous Oxide $25 / 15 min.
Alveoloplasty per area $75-$150
Diagnosis and prescription w/o treatment $20

Implant Supported Denture

Service Cost
Implant supported premium denture with two “locator” attachments $895
Note: you must get the implants from another dentist. Economy and regular dentures also available for implants