We are Sorry to tell you.....210Denture, the Denture Clinic, is CLOSED forever.


the practice "210denture" previously located on Babcock Rd is permanently C


You might still be able to be seen by dR JUnghans for Dentures..... Keep reading!



I am NO longer providing discount Extractions or Immediate Denture Service as we did at 210DENTURE.  

For these services I recommend you call

 DDS Dentures + Implant Solutions

located in Wonderland Mall


Concierge Denture Services


My practice is now limited to creating the very best dentures utilizing the best materials and techniques available when time and money are not the limiting factors we have to work with.

This is not for the average patient but for those attempting have the best solution to the difficult reality of having lost your natural teeth. 

Please Read below for details!



If you have or want to get removable dentures over implants, I can also provide denture services for you.

If you have dentures and want implants placed to secure them, I will help you work with another dental specialist to provide oral surgery and  implants placement and I will manage the denture part of the treatment.

What does Premium Denture Service mean to me......

I work by appointment only and do not have regular office hours.   That is why I do not offer extractions and immediate denture services.  For that you need an office that is always ready to support you during that difficult time.  


In the past I was seeing a lot of patients who needed many teeth removed and dentures for the first time and making a high volume of discount dentures.  In San Antonio I recommend you see DDS Dentures + implant Solutions or Affordable Dentures who regularly provide these services.  I am not providing those services any more. 

What type of patients am I working with? 

If you have already had you some or all of you teeth removed and are fully healed but are not satisfied with the dentures that you ended up with....I can probably help you with creating a higher quality of full or partial dentures.  

The high volume denture offices depend a lot on the assistants to create, make and adjust the dentures and sometimes they end up with a good result and sometimes results are disappointing.  What I am offering is to create dentures where only the dentist does the evaluation, discusses prices, makes the impressions and measurements,  does most of the lab work and finally delivers and adjusts the dentures.  I am seeing one patient at a time and creating the most accurate and esthetic dentures I can create.  You will not be waiting to be seen nor rushed when you are seen.  I, the dentist, will be doing all the clinical treatment and most of the lab work.

Where will treatment be offered?

I no longer have an office of my own but instead work with another doctor  at his office located at 13618 NW Military Hwy, San Antonio, TX 78231.

When needed, I can provide denture services at your home or even a private office.  Of course, this service does add considerably to the cost.  If you can afford the luxury, it will save you time and travel.

What Type if Denture offered?

Pretty much any type of removable full or partial dentures?  That includes traditional acrylic dentures,  cast metal partials, flexible partials.  This does not include the non-removable type of "all on 4" dentures made by Clear Choice, if you want that service I recommend you see Clear Choice they are probably the best source for that service.

What will it cost?

In my previous denture clinic we emphasized discount dentures.  I am not doing that now and there are other offices that do offer that service.   I will be charging a little over the  "usual and customary fees" that most general dentists charge for quality dentures.  When the goal is the very best esthetics, function  and strength the cost can exceed the usual and customary.  The start to finish time will also be longer than usual.  As in creating any fine art or mechanism, the key to achieving the ultimate result is spend more focused time and using the best materials.  So yes, it cost more and takes longer...but most great accomplishments require that investment.  You will  not be paying ridiculous prices for my ego, reputation, advertising or fancy office.  You will be paying fair price for focused individual attention, extra time, advanced materials and technology.

How do we start?

When possible I prefer to begin with a conversation on the phone or even better a "FaceTime" or "Skype" consultation.  Either way, give me a call at 210-535-4348.

What Premium Denture service means to me.

Flexible Service:

Since I am not fully engaged with a full schedule of patients to fit you into I have more freedom to fit into your busy schedule, even weekends or evenings.  I can see you at the office I share with another doctor or at other locations such as the implant doctor's office or even a home or your office.  

What could Exceptional Denture Care include?


Advanced Design

We will use Digital Denture Design method to create a 3-D computer Model of your mouth and face.  In that Computer model we can design a Viirtual Denture Design which can then be printed for a very exact "printed" Try-in Denture for you to try-in and to take home with you so you can have the time to feel it for a while and get the opinions of people you trust.  In the traditional wax try-in technique you get to try in a denture for just few minutes in the denture office.  With a printed try-in denture you can wear if for hours or days and actually try it out with extended wear, eating, showing other people or even a photo shoot.  The printed try-in is not appropriate for long term wear but is does allow for an extended try-in period for more complete evaluation.  Once we have the best design the final dentures will be virtually identical in size and shape  and multiple copies will be interchangeable in appearance and feel.

Because of the nature of 3D Computer Added Design (CAD) we can make small or large adjustments to the design and affordably print another Try-In  denture for further evaluation.  We can repeat this until we are confident that you are happy with the design in every detail.  Once we have the optimum design identified we an begin creating the actual dentures.

In traditional denture fabrication, it is more common to show the patient a try-in which is the proposed denture teeth set in wax.  To modify that design usually involves  sending the denture back to the denture lab where teeth are repositioned and returned to the office where they will show you the second try-in at another appointment several days later.  You can't look back at the first version because it no longer exists.  Not only that the typical Dentist and dental lab arrangement  means that the person making the changes to your denture design is never there with you.  

With the traditional denture fabrications each set of dentures is somewhat different in dimensions and fit and not exact copies of each other.  If you had multiple dentures in the past you know how different each one is.  With CAD and computer milled or printed dentures each version of the final denture design are nearly dimensionally identical.  When you need new dentures or want to make subtle changes having digital design makes it easy to replicate the previous dentures.  To say it another way, if you lost your denture today how could the dentist recreate and accurate replication of the denture you used to love?  Not likely. What they do is make you a new set from scratch that will not be a copy of the original even if you have great photographs of your old denture.

What is a "Set of Dentures"?

I propose a Denture Package which is not just an upper and lower denture (defined as a Set of dentures) .  A package should be more than one denture set.  At a minimum you should have at least two identical, fully functional set of teeth so that when the inevitable denture problem occurs they will not interfere with a demanding schedule.   To consider it at the highest level of preparedness you might have a Daily Wear Denture,that is your mainstay that is designed with function and durability in mind.  An Ultimate Esthetic Denture made with the advanced materials designed for maximum cosmetics for when it really counts like social events, TV appearances, photo shoots or whenever you want to look your best.  Even celebrities reserve their best clothes for special occasions, why not have that level of denture as well.  There are some materials that can create a higher level of cosmetics that may not be appropriate for daily functional use, like a designer gown or a tuxedo.   Additionally it would be a good idea to have what I call an Activity Denture for activities that could put you dentures at risk like swimming, martial arts or any activity that could create a situation where loosing or breaking your dentures are more likely.  Digital Dentures can be fabricated with many different materials of varying durability, quality, esthetics and price that are more appropriate for the days activities just like your clothes.  With digital dentures, different versions look and feel very similar.  Until now, it was common for a denture wearer to just have one good denture and their old denture as a back-up and they were not very similar in appearance and feel.

What does all this cost?

Of course this is not as affordable as the typical options for denture wearers and there are many dental offices to choose from for traditional denture technique and there are even economy options with companies like DDS Dentures+Implant Solutions and Affordable Dentures.  What I am proposing is a more expensive way to make dentures with the goal of making an advanced solution for a difficult problem of no longer having teeth.   The prices will vary greatly depending on how many try-ins are needed and what we choose to include in the final denture package.  That being said, I am not trying to gouge the consumer or promise more than is possible.  What I am trying to do is create a high level of design, manufacture and service for someone who can afford that level of care.  I will probably not get rich at this and I am not trying to.  I am mostly retired but I want to create new way to address the needs of denture wearers who want more than the usual offerings.

What makes me qualified?

I have been a dentist since 1989 and for the since 2006 I have exclusively focused on extractions and dentures and nothing else.  I have worked in my own office and in the corporate denture clinics.  I have worked with expensive labs, cheap labs and made dentures with my own hands.  What really sets me apart is my willingness to focus on doing one thing very well while working without the limitations of budget or time.  That is what will make my creations superior.

You do not have invest a lot of money based on a sales pitch and then hope it all works out.  We work on this in stages and you can stop if don't see the value early in the process. 

We begin with the "Prototype" of your dentures, the printed try-ins.  We don't proceed until you are very happy with the prototype of the optimal design .  If you are satisfied with that we make the everyday wear dentures of high quality material.  That might be all we do...or we continue with additional versions of the denture such as a economical backup denture, a durable sports denture, a second everyday wear denture or ultimate esthetic version of a denture with porcelain teeth and custom stained acrylic denture bases.  You don't commit to the whole package in advance, we start with the least expensive steps and proceed with the rest only after achieving success with the earlier stages.  If you decide to discontinue the process, all the work we did to that point will be transferred to your next dentist so they benefit from the work we did so far and our effort are  not wasted and you have to start all over again.

It would be appropriate to ask how long have I been doing this elite denture service and can I show you results.  I am all about full and honest representation of myself so I must disclose that this is still a new approach using new technology that is just now emerging on the market.  This is still a new business model for me.  I do not have all the details of a repeatable system yet nor can I show you past success.  All I have is a extensive experience in dentures and focused goal of creating next level product.  Like Tesla, only smaller.

What is the limitations or downside of this approach?

This is not a quick effortless process.  It is not for first time denture wearers or the average consumer.  Mainly, this appropriate for someone who already has  been wearing dentures and presently has some decent teeth to wear  but still desires a better.

What about implants?

This system works the same with or without implants.  Whether you have implants now, are going to get them or will never have them, we can still do this.  The advent of computer aided implant placement and computer aided denture design are based on similar technology and work in compliment to achieve results not possible before this technology became available.

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