We are Sorry to tell you.....210Denture, the Denture Clinic, is CLOSED forever.

For Extractions, Dentures and Patials please call
(210) 366-0241 or 1-800 DENTURE

the practice "21denture" located on Babcock Rd is permanently CLOSED

About Affordable Dentures


If you just need a single problem tooth removed or if you need many teeth removed for full or partial dentures, we can do that.

Dentures and Partials

We can offer you a variety of options ranging from very inexpensive dentures or partials to implant supported high quality dentures.


You can have one tooth replaced with and implant and crown or have full dentures supported by implants or many options in between.

But before you can do that.........

You have to call Affordable Dentures and get and appointment for a free consultation to determine your needs and your options.

If you are a past patient of 210Denture, we are here to help you with your continuing denture needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the office closed?

Dr J wanted to retire.  He could not find anyone who wanted to take over, so the business was closed and the dental records transferred to Affordable Dentures.

Are the prices the same?

Affordable has some economy dentures for less than 210Denture and they have some premium dentures that cost more than 210Dentures.

Can I still see Dr J?

Dr J is working part-time for Affordable Dentures. He is there every Monday.  Dr Christiansen is there M-F and can take care of you just as well, you will like him.

Is Affordable Dentures like 210Dentures.

Like 210Denture, the Affordable Dentures office does Extractions, Dentures and Partials for LESS....but they also provide implant supported dentures

But Dr J gave me a price for.....

If you received a price quote for treatment at 210Denture in the last 6 months, Affordable Dentures will honor that price.

Questions and Inquiries

Please Call Affordable Dentures for continuation of your dental care.

Dr John Junghans, DDS

Thank you.

I do want to thank all the patients that trusted me with their dental needs over the years, It wasn't easy work but I really enjoyed getting to know so many of you. It was an interesting crowd and I really learned a lot about people that had a much different lives than mine.  It made me a real democrat fighting for those that are living with less.  That was really what I was trying to  do with 210Denture,  I hope I helped you in some way and I want to say thanks for the opportunity.

and no......

No, nothing bad happened.  I didn't go bankrupt, didn't get sued and I am not sick or married.  I just want to work less for now and "yes" it is wonderful. 

 I hope you get the same chance one day.

No, I am not going to open another dental office.

No, I won't fix your denture in my garage on the weekends.