We are Sorry to tell you.....210Denture, the Denture Clinic, is CLOSED forever.

For Extractions, Dentures and Patials please call
(210) 366-0241 or 1-800 DENTURE

the practice "21denture" located on Babcock Rd is permanently CLOSED

Used supplies / instruments/ equipment for dentists and lab

Dental Professions

If you are looking for used dental supplies and equipment....Scroll down.


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What am I selling?

I have used items for a dental office or a dental lab.   I also have some other random items I am selling after closing my practice

Where is this stuff?

The items are in climate controlled storage located in north San Antonio.

You have anything to sell?

If you are in San Antonio and want to sell something to "Dental",   I can list it here and help you get it sold.

What is the condition?

Most equipment is old and used but still functioning.  Many supplies are unopened boxes and some are partially consumed


I may be able to deliver to your office or we meet-up for the exchange. 

Shipping is available and the cost depends on what you buy.

What are you looking for?

Are you looking for something in particular or have a question?


New products are coming soon!

Dental professionals looking for used stuff

Questions or Requests

Calling might be better than Email.

Feel free to call me 9am until 11pm

Dr John Junghans DDS, "Dr J"

San Antonio Texas

(210) 535-4348